The Puna Empowerment Project

Dock onto Our Star!

Step into Thriving.


By reactivating you own body’s survival genes.  Once the body has the information to thrive, it will entrain entirely to Thriving. 

Joe McCord discovered superoxidedismutase which was the foundation for the creation of Protandim.  Protandim activates the nurf2 enzyme which switches on over 500 natural processes in your body.  These have been dormant since you were in your twenties.  Would you like to turn back the free radical damage in your body and be living 20 again?  Of course we would.  When our survival genes are turned on and engaged it allows us to move out of survival and into thriving.  The body entrains to thriving and everything starts to calibrate up! 

The survival genes turn on anti-inflammatory processes, anti-fibrosis (scarring) processes, and anti-oxidents.  Massive numbers of anti-oxidents, one million per second, 24-7, 365.  You are no longer a free radical nightmare of cascading health effects spiraling downward.  Everything entrains UP!

So we are sending out the word that Times are Good, really good, and the Time is NOW.  There is hope – there is a bridge.  Allow the old paradigm to BE and just run with the New. 

Calibrate UP!

The wisdom of life knows thriving. it knows opulence. 

This is for anyone who is ready.  For everyone who is ready.  This project is hope. 

Run into the New Way of doing things.

Take a deep breath and dive in with me.

So who’s in and how much?

Dock on and Rock on!

This is a Core Strengthener.  When our basic survival is handled – everything – anything is possible.  Step into your thriving mode.  Take Protandim and Step into Thriving.

Dock onto our Star!  then we’ll help you create your own.

Call Debbie to Dock on 808-936-4372 or Casey  310-430-9283

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Quit Smoking Test Groups

Have you always wanted to quit smoking but you don’t want to play psychological games with yourself or force yourself through the dreaded and reoccurring physical withdrawal symptoms.

 Help us discover if we have the key.

We are working with 3 groups of 13 people who really want to quit smoking and are willing to commit to taking Protandim every day and keeping daily notes about their experience.  Protandim is a totally nontoxic nutritional which is a synergistic blend of ashwaganda, bacopa, green tea, tumeric, and milk thistle. It’s not organic but its as good as it gets.  And it is cheaper per day than your cigarettes!  Protandim helps the brain dissolve the need for addiction.  Studies are available to support this.  We are interested in how to change and whether movement and learning energy tools will increase your success and the speed of moving into a new way of being that is addiction free.

It is possible to participate in our groups even if you do not live in our area.  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email to:

Choose the group which reflects your own desire for participation.

RED Group: Take the daily nutritional and keep a simple journal. You don’t have to do anything else and we think you will easily stop smoking. 

GREEN Group:  Take the daily nutritional, keep a journal and have movement coaching 1x per week.  This will involve you learning how and actually using a mini trampoline or an exercise ball.  Yes we can do this by phone or skype.  We think if you add movement you will not only quit smoking but also begin to restore your overall health.

BLUE Group:  Take the Protandim, keep a journal, get weekly movement coaching, plus add another weekly session to learn energy tools.  This is also by skype or in person.  With the support of 2 weekly sessions we think you will be able to quit smoking, get healthier and change your lifestyle in general.  Our coaching is designed to support you while to shed your old skin and change into the beautiful abundant person you already are inside yourself. 

Our Quit Smoking Test Groups are a community experiment.  We think this can help you forget you even wanted a cigarette (or other addictive substance) – without the hassle or trauma of quitting. Change is easy if you know the key!

 Call Debbie 808-936-4372 for more information and to register.

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